BUCHAREST May 13, Sala Palatului

The music lovers in Bucharest are invited on May 13 to attend

„The Beatles interpreted by Bucharest Symphony Orchestra”,  a show presented for the first time in Romania, produced by Phoenix Entertainment Classics.

The legendary  The Beatles music will be adapted and performed in a classical style. A drummer and a 15 voices choir will join Bucharest Symphony Orchestra. Two music styles appart, will fusion with harmony in a extraordinary performance, at a full virtuosity level, addressing to both classical rock fans and classical music lovers.

Along with violins, hoboes, flutes and other orchestra specific instruments, the public will join the ride on The Beatles discography. The world renowned music hits such as “Let it be”, “Hey Jude” or “Yesterday” will be presented to the audience in a melodious but full of energy performance.

This show is the first in a row that will bring to life sacred monsters of music, in a distinct and formidable way, to illustrate the greatest names that influenced the history of music, as we know it today.

Bucharest Symphony Orchestra means 70 extremely gifted musicians, renowned for their solo careers or part of chamber music ensembles, awarded in Romania and abroad.

The flexibility of choice in music genres was the cornerstone of the SYMPhoenix concerts, which brought together the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and the famous band Phoenix between 2010 and 2011 or in the joint-projects which involved Romanian artists of international reputation, such as the soprano Angela Gheorghiu or the violin player Corina Belcea.

“The Beatles interpreted by Orchestra Simfonică București” – a fabulous show and premiere production, which no music lover should be missed.

Tickets available in range from 20016011080 to 50 lei, through Eventim network, OrangeVodafone and Domo shops, Humanitas and Cărturești book stores and at the ticket office of Sala Palatului, or  buy online on www.eventim.ro.



Pe cand un concert cu muzica formatiei Queen? Cred ca ar fi frumos si cred ca ar avea si un public la fel de numeros si bucuros!


Mulțumim pentru comentariu și, în special, pentru idee! Într-adevăr, este o propunere excelentă pe care o vom discuta cu siguranță.

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