Sympho Kids Workshops

Interactive concerts with an educational purpose for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Music will become an attractive form of education even for the youngest audience.


The educational programs aimed at children and teenagers are an alternative to the curricula of education institutions.

With patience and dedication, Salut CULTURA! is working on the core values which build up the music scene of developed cultures. We are planning at this moment the whole season and we are looking for logistic and financial partnerships in order to offer along with music education, the best experience for the children that will attend to our workshop. Any type of support is welcome. If interested, please drop us a message at [email protected].


  • the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra is the supporter of education through music and tries to involve children in its effort to stimulate interest in music;
  • the musical instruments’ magic can reveal children’s hidden talents.


Salut CULTURA! provides support and motivation for young musicians in the form of prizes.

Talented young musicians are offered musical instruments, scholarships, as well as the opportunity to study under the guidance of the members of the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra.


  • music education
    interactive presentations aimed at stimulating interest in musical instruments, singing, dance, poetry, story-telling, traditions, folklore, and religion
  • venues
    kindergartens and schools
  • purpose
    the participation of children and parents in concerts
  • frequency


  • location
    concert halls, theaters, schools, kindergarden or other appropriate place
  • access
    free vouchers

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