Starting with 2008, Bucharest Symphony has successfully launched Salut CULTURA!. The project focus is to promote the excellence in music and to captivate the young generation.

Salut CULTURA! focuses on encouraging music fans to enjoy our live symphony concerts as well as on educating and training children in the fascinating spirit of classical music. Our unique, complex and accessible programmes will easily find their way into the hearts and minds of our listeners.

Due to the scarcity of financial resources, as a consequence of the economic crisis in which the public bodies and cultural institutions are living, the audience is missing the concerts of world famous conductors and solo performers.

Philson Young is trying to find an alternative through Salut CULTURA!, focusing on cooperation with exceptional artists, so that the period of time between the ”George Enescu” festivals is just as interesting as the festivals themselves. Bucharest should be proud of having a great music scene like all the other cities of the world.

With this purpose in mind, Salut CULTURA! invites you to join highly professional cultural events which facilitate the understanding of music through open communication between audience and artists.

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